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Welcome to Fibrwrap Construction, your complete source for structural repair, strengthening, and restoration. We offer over 20 years experience in assisting Owners, Architects, Engineers, and General Contractors - and have completed over 6,000 projects.

Fibrwrap Construction specializes in the application of advanced composites, and is certified in the installation of Fyfe Company, LLC Tyfo® Fibrwrap®. The Tyfo® Fibrwrap® systems are the only Carbon Fiber solution available on the market meeting 2009 IBC requirements.

With locations across the United States and Internationally, Fibrwrap Construction can provide service wherever your needs may be. In addition to the application of the Tyfo® products, Fibrwrap also provides expert Pipeline Rehabilitation, Concrete Repair, Epoxy Injection, Corrosion Mitigation, and Specialty Coatings service.


Whether for change of use, seismic upgrade, or general structural upgrade, Fiber Reinforced Polymer materials, referred to as Fiber Wrap, are a valuable tool and option for architects, designers and owners to understand as project designs are being developed. 

The short video contained here provides an overview of the types of applications for which Fiber Wrap is ideally suited. 

Our manufacturing division, Fyfe Company, is available to provide design support at no cost, and would be pleased to assist with any potential application.

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